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World-Wide-Web Web Page Demos & Examples

Quik-Info can be your link to the Information Super-Highway.  The benefits can be numerous.  It enables you to present your business information to perspective customers and clients, while also keeping existing customers up to date.

Having information available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the "Internet" has become a proven method in obtaining the exposure every business enterprise needs.

Quik-Info can supply your business the means to acquire this "Internet" exposure at very affordable rates, with no long term contracts and no need to obtain a ".com".  But, should you want to obtain a domain name (.com, .net, .biz, etc.), we can handle that for you for a very small annual fee (normally around $12.00).  We handle the process so you don't have to!

Your business web page is displayed when a website visitor "clicks" your Business Name in one of our Online Business Directory's Business Category Listings.  This is an excellent method to have your business's products and services noticed by more perspective customers.

The web page examples below will demonstrate how your business information can be displayed to the website visitor.  It will also show you how Quik-Info's marketing strategy works for your business.  Connecting customers to your business is our main focus.  With the huge increase in individuals logging onto the "Internet" searching for products and services, your business needs a web presence.

Please note that it's important to remember that the more pictures and images that you insert into your business web page, the longer it will take for the web page to load up.  A second or third web page is sometimes necessary in order to get all the pictures that you what to have displayed.  This will keep the individual web page load times within reason.

Check Out Some Web Page Business "Examples" & "Demos" Below:

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Attorneys #1   #2

Auto Body Repair Shops #1   #2

Automotive Repair Shops & Garages (Also demonstrates  the Quik-Info Coupon Business Plan )

Beauty Salons #1   #2

Carpet, Tile & Rug Dealer (Ultimate Business Plan)

Dentists #1   #2

Doctors #1   #2


Florists #1

Florists #2

Manufactured Homes Dealers (Also demonstrates "Additional" Business Web-Pages)

Pharmacy #1    #2

Real Estate Demo #1

Real Estate Demo #2

Restaurant Demo #1

Restaurant Demo #2     #3

Used Car Dealers #1  #2 (Also demonstrates an "Additional" Business Web-Page)

Veterinaries #1   #2

Additionally, even if your business has an existing website, Quik-Info can help your website receive more visitors by having your current website (linked) from one or more of our Online Business Directory Business Category Listings.  Linking from our Online Business Directory is very economical for any size business.  Please take the time to review our various Business Plans.

Click here to go to our best and most economical Business Plan Package deal.

You are not billed for your Quik-Info Business Plan subscription until you are 100% satisfied with your business web page(s) design and layout.



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