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Quik-Info along with it's affiliated websites is an Internet enterprise established for Clinton, Fayette, Highland, Ross and several other southern Ohio counties.  (View our servicing area).

Our primary goal of Quik-Info and it's affiliated websites is to provide the local internet user an online business search capability in the above mentioned four county plus area, much like a telephone book.  Currently we have over 5500 business listings.

Additional information and features have been included in this website to enable businesses and individuals to find commonly search for topics; plus we have provided an avenue to list classified ads on the Internet at very affordable rates.  This is accomplished thru our Quik-Info-Ads Online Classifieds.

Quik-Info's affiliated websites; Quik-Info-Ads, Quik-Homes, Quik-Autos and Quik-Coupons have been developed to provide Realtors, Automotive Dealers and other businesses a cost effective method to display there homes and autos, coupons & specials, etc. on the web.




Our mission is simple:  to provide a quick and easy to use website, void of the annoying "pop ups" and other obtrusive advertising;  to include as much local information as possible for the population in those communities serviced; and provide businesses in our coverage area an economical means to promote themselves and their business on the World-Wide-Web.

We make no attempt to try to present all of the Internet.  Our main focus is on the communities and businesses located in the southern counties of Ohio.




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