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For general questions and information requests. info@quik-info.com
If your business is not listed in any of our business directory categories and you are in our Ohio servicing area and you want to be listed - click the link to the right and complete the form.  We will add your business to the Directory Listing.

You may also send us an email message with your request(s).

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If you want your business included in the Quik-Info website and need additional information to register, click the link to the right.  Or <click here> to view the information we currently have available online. sales@quik-info.com
Existing Quik-Info Business Partners (clients) wanting to make changes to their web page(s) can use the link to the right to notify us of their requests. updates@quik-info.com
Quik-Info Business Partners (clients) with Billing and/or Statement questions. billing@quik-info.com
Know about a web link that could help others?    Or do you have community or school links you would like to see listed in our website?  They are welcomed and can be included in our "Local Info" pages section. linksuggestion@quik-info.com
If you are experiencing web page problems, i.e., it does not function as intended, the web page cannot be found, opens too slow, etc.;  contact Quik-Info by email and explain the problem.  We will respond as soon as possible. admin@quik-info.com
Marketing, advertising merchants and reciprocal linking, etc. marketing@quik-info.com



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