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Why another "Internet" Information Company? Many websites provide searching methods, for selling cars, real estate and just about any service you can think of...and some you haven't.  None of them target your specific buyers with all the different products and services in one "online" location.

Quik-Info fills that void and makes it easy to find goods and services in the consumers' local area.  Our main focus is on servicing the southern Ohio area.

What makes us different? Quik-Info has targeted "local information" that consumers in southern Ohio  can use.  Quik-Info has tried to include all the local businesses, organized by their business category, for easy searches by the website visitor. 

While you will see advertisements from our affiliates (Walmart, Office Depot, etc),, our main focus is on businesses that are local - not half way across the country.

You say "quick and easy" to use, what do you mean by that? Quik-Info has been designed to function much like your telephone book.  If you know the alphabet and how to use the telephone book you can use Quik-Info.

With just a few "clicks" of  your mouse you should yield results and find the information/business listing you are looking for.  Plus....we are constantly upgrading and expanding with new businesses.  So, "flag" Quik-Info as one of your favorite sites and use us for all your local searching needs.

Are "pop-up" advertising windows a problem on your site? NO!  Quik-Info considers advertising pop-ups annoying and an invasion of your website viewing.  We will use sidebars, banners and coupons for advertising but not in a way that detracts from the primary purpose of the site.  Only when you "link" away from the Quik-Info site would you encounter those annoying advertising "pop-ups".

We have also affiliated with Google, one of the premium internet service companies, to display an assortment of their advertising banners.  Along with our local listings, these Google ads should provide additional links.

What really makes Quik-Info different from other websites? Content is tailored for the local communities (individuals and businesses).  Local businesses now have a local website at their disposal, offering their goods and services to customers most likely to use them.

One of our goals is to sign up businesses in the southern Ohio counties, giving them a presence on the Internet at extremely affordable prices, which allows the local consumer a source to view the local merchants' products & services online.  Business owners can click here to find out more information about becoming a Quik-Info business client.

What's the "Quik-Info-Ads" Online Classifieds website all about? It is basically designed to work just like the print medium.  It provides an avenue for people to advertise "garage sales" and other miscellaneous sale items and for the local Automotive Dealers to display their vehicles, Real Estate Companies to display their homes and other businesses to promote their goods and services.

Be sure to check out our latest website additions: Quik-Homes.com, Quik-Autos.com and Quik-Coupons.com.  These affiliated websites have been specifically designed and tailored for use by many businesses.

We have also made many of the classified ad sections "FREE" for the local website users and businesses.

What's the best way to contact Quik-Info? You may contact us by email.  View our "Contact Us" web page.




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