"Link Business Plan"


"Link Plan" Fees ($0.33 monthly average cost)

  "Add Your Site" for just $4.00  -  Per Year for each directory listing!



The "Link Plan" has been provided for those businesses that already have a website hosted with an Internet Service Provider.  With this Business Plan option your "Business Name" in the Quik-Info Business Directory will be hyperlinked to your existing website and a "web link" icon will be displayed beside your business name.

Just click the "Sign Up Now" button above and provide us with your business information - it's that easy.  After the "web link" is established for your business, we will send you an invoice.






  ABC Auto Repair, Inc. 1 N. Main St. Any City


Additional category links can also be utilized (and hyperlinked) to your website.  Additional link fees are $4.00 (per year).  You can view our "Additional Category Link" information here.

We also have Packaged Business Plans available which offer significant savings when purchasing multiple links.  Check out Plan numbers 5 & 6.



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