The "Ultimate" Business Plan Package


"Ultimate" Business Plan Package Fee ($6 monthly average cost)

$72.00 - Per Year



Our "Ultimate Business Plan Package" furnishes the business with our Premium Business Plan which includes a website (up to 20 Megabyte in size) to promote their products and/or services, show their business address, directions, business hours and much, much more.  

Having up to 20 megabytes for the website will permit the business the  opportunity to greatly showcase their business, products and services!   We have included several additional options in this business plan package that will save you lots of money!

This business plan package also includes a ".com" or ".net" domain name (a $12.00 value).  Your domain name (.com, .net, etc.) will display your business website when a website visitor clicks your business name in our online business directory or enters your website address directly into their browser (www.YourDomainName.com).  You can display your "domain name" (web address) on your business sign, windows, company vehicles and also on your business cards, etc. to help increase traffic to your website for potential customers to view your services.


Here is an example of a business that utilize our "Ultimate" Business Plan Package.

Examples:  www.Fayette-Carpet.com,


The "Ultimate" Business Plan Package also includes up to nine additional Business Category Listings ("links") besides your primary business listing in the Quik-Info Online Business Directory.  This is a savings of up to $23.00 if purchased separately (utilizing other Plan Packages).

We have also included with this business plan package a "120 x 90" pixel advertising banner to be inserted into a business category web page that helps promote your business.  When the ad banner is clicked by the viewer ("potential customer"), they are directed to your website.  This is an additional savings of $44.00, if purchased separately.

Finally, we have included (as a Free add-on opportunity) the authorization to utilize the "www.Quik-Coupons.com" website to display up to five coupons or specials.  The "Coupon Business Plan" is a $24.00 value in itself.

In summary what you get for a $6.00 average cost per month (billed annually for $72.00) is:

  1. A website (up to 20 megabytes) to display your products and services...

  2. A domain name (.com or .net) to add that professional look and appeal...

  3. Up to nine additional Business Category Listings in the Quik-Info Business Directory...

  4. An advertising banner (120 x 90 pixel size) to attract more website visitors...

  5. The option to utilize our www.Quik-Coupons.com website to display coupons & specials...

This "Ultimate Business Plan Package" is the most economical business package plan we have created.  It has everything you need to obtain an effective presence on the World-Wide-Web for your "prospective" and "existing" customers!

You will be "hard pressed" to find another offer of this scope for under 20 cents a day!!!


  We can even design the web page(s) from information you email us, and we will do it for FREE!  Not only is the price right, but this can make it much easier for you.

You can work on your "text" and "images" when time is available.  Then just email us the details about your business, any images you would want displayed plus any other important info you want to pass on to
perspective customers.

We'll take the information you provide and create a "mock-up" website for you to review.  After your approval we will update your website and include it in our website for everyone to see when they "click" on your link(s) or enter your domain name (web address).



<Click Here for Some Examples of "down-to-earth" and "uncomplicated" Business Web Pages>



You are not billed for your Quik-Info Business Plan subscription until you are 100% satisfied with your business web page(s) design and layout.

Call Us Toll Free....



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