Coupon Business Plan



"Coupon Plan" Fees ($2 monthly average cost)

$24.00 - Per Year

The "Coupon Plan" furnishes the business with a one-page website to promote their products and/or services, show their business address, directions, business hours and much more.  This business web page can also show various product/business pictures and other sales promotion type information.

This web page can be designed by us, the business owner themselves or their corporate computer department.  This web page can also be linked to another corporate or business website.  Additional web pages are also available with the selection of this plan.

The "Coupon Business Plan" is similar to our "Deluxe Business Plan", with its one-page web, but the Coupon Plan also includes 5 coupon displays/images, at no additional charge.  These coupons are displayed in our Online Classifieds "Coupons & Specials" (www.Quik-Coupons.com) Ad Section.  This is a $39.00 annual value ($12.00 for web page plus $25.00 to list your coupons - if purchased separately), all for an annual fee of $24.00.  That's over 35% of savings!

You also get your business on the World-Wide-Web without the need to purchase your own ".com".  Example: www.quik-info.com/Merchants/sunset.htmYou can view more web page examples here.

But, should you desire to have your own ".com" we can handle that for you - for just $12.00 a year!  Having your own ".com" can give your business that added professional look and appeal to perspective customers.

The "Coupons & Specials" (www.Quik-Coupons.com) ad section is an effective method to attract new customers and retain existing ones.  Several types of businesses can use these coupons to promote specials and other services - similar to those in the print media.



Coupons & Specials


The "Coupon & Specials" ad section in the www.Quik-Coupons.com  classifieds are the ideal setting  to spotlight the items you want to promote.  It's done pretty much like a print ad in a newspaper, only our Quik-Coupons Online Classifieds is much more affordable.  Plus, it doesn't cost any extra to have a full-color coupon instead of a black on white image.

The Coupon Classified Program will accept ".gif" & ".jpg" images and should be no larger in size than 400 x 600 pixels.

Example:  Approximate size of a 400 x 600 Pixel "Size" Coupon/Image


Click here to view our "Business Tour".  This tour will graphically show how the "Coupon Business Plan" works on Tour Pages 8 & 9.


Don't want a Business Web page, but still want to post your Business Coupons?  You can do that too!  Just enter our Online Classifieds and go to the "Coupons & Specials" ad section and click on the Place Ads link.

If you haven't previously Registered for a free account, it will prompt you to do so.  After entering your Logon Information the program will take you to  the "Post a New Ad" screen where you will enter your business information.

After you Post your ad the next screen will allow you to upload your Coupon images (300x500 pixel).

You can delete old coupons and add new coupon images at any time from any computer with Internet access.  Just remember your "AD" number and your "Username" and "Password".  It's that easy!

Need help?  Don't hesitate to contact us with any question or problem.


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