"Deluxe Business Plan"  


"Deluxe Plan" Fees ($1 monthly average cost)

$12.00 - Per Year



The "Deluxe Plan" furnishes the business with a one-page website to promote their products and/or services, show their business address, directions, business hours and much more.  Now you can get your business online without the need to purchase your own ".com".

Examples:     www.quik-info.com/Merchants/sunset,     www.quik-info.com/Merchants/browderauto.htm

This business web page can be several display screens in length (when paging down) and can also show various product/business pictures and other sales promotion type information. This web page can be designed by us, the business owner themselves or their corporate computer department.  This web page can also be linked to another corporate or business website.  Additional web pages are also available with the selection of this plan.

  We can even design this web page from information you email us.  This can make it much easier for you.  You can work on your "text" and "images" when time is available.  Then just email us the details about your business, any images you would want displayed plus any other important info you want to pass on to perspective customers.  We'll take the information and create a "mock-up" web page for you to review.  After your approval we will insert the web page into our website for everyone to see when they "click" on your link(s).



<Click Here for Some More Examples of Business Plan Web Pages>



You are not billed for your Quik-Info Business Plan subscription until you are 100% satisfied with your business web page(s) design and layout.

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