Additional Business Web Pages & Category Links


Additional Web Pages

$6.00 - Per Year  ($0.50 monthly average cost)


Additional web pages can be added (linked) to the Deluxe and Coupon Business Plans. This provides extra information for the  customer to view and allows a means to market your products or services without "cluttering up" and grouping everything on one web page.

Additional web pages add that PROFESSIONAL look to your business web presence.



Additional Category Links

$4.00 - Per Year  ($0.33 monthly average cost)


We understand that many businesses need to be listed under more than one business category listing.  This "Additional Category LINK" option has been included for that reason.

A good example would be an Auto Repair business that also does Tires and Mufflers.  Along with being listed in their primary category of AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING & SERVICE, this business could also be listed under the categories of MUFFLERS & EXHAUST SYSTEMS - ENGINE and TIRE DEALERS - RETAIL.

Additional business category listings provide more possible links for a website visitor (your perspective customer) to locate and provides a even greater exposure for your business products and services.



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