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This form has been provided for businesses in the Quik-Info servicing area that are currently listed in one or more of the business directory listings in the Quik-Info website, but would like to be listed in additional directory listings (business categories). 

Just fill in the information requested below and your business will be inserted into the appropriate business category web-page listing as soon as possible.  You will receive an invoice for the "additional directory/category link(s)" charges via regular mail.

Should you prefer, you may skip the use of this form and send us an email message detailing your request(s).  We will contact you before any billing is completed to confirm your request(s) and your approval.


What county is your business located in?  (Must select one.)

Clinton    Fayette Highland     Ross
          Adams    Athens  Brown        Gallia     Hocking    Lawrence
Jackson   Meigs   Pickaway    Pike      Scioto       Vinton         Other / Multiple
Check this box if your business has multiple locations in different counties. 


YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS CATEGORY:               'A' to 'Z' Directory/Category Listing section: 
Directory/Category Name:
This category listing should be the one that you are currently listed under in the Quik-Info website.
Directory / Category Listing Name:
Directory / Category Listing Name:
Directory / Category Listing Name:
Directory / Category Listing Name:
Directory / Category Listing Name:
Directory / Category Listing Name:



List the "Business" information for the Quik-Info website category listing(s) -  (Required Items in Red):

Name of Business:
Business Address:
Business City:
Business Zip Code:           (5 Digits)
Business Phone No.:     (Example:  999-999-9999)
Contact Person:
Contact Person's Telephone No.:
FAX No.:
          Enter any additional comments in the space provided below:


Check this button to Accept and Agree to the items listed in the "Terms of Use" for the Quik-Info website and to agree to pay for the additional link charges ($6.00 per year ($0.50/month) for each additional category link).

Check this button to Decline to our terms.

 Authorized By (Name):





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